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Chance is a 6 year old agility dog, handled by his young owner Georgia. I have been treating him for about 9 months, following an injury during competition. Alongside physiotherapy, Laser treatments, Ultrasound treatments, acupuncture, and therapeutic exercises, Chance also had hydrotherapy at the Animal Rehab Clinic. 


The road to recovery has been long, but Chance has also improved his skills and speed during the rehabilitation, and has now moved up to grade 6 and won the junior agility championship.

What an achievement! They can be very proud...


Buster was referred to me after an embolism in the spine. He was able to move his back legs and was struggling to stand up and walk. He was dragging himself around most of the time.

Buster is a beautiful cat with a strong temperament, and I think it is fair to say that we did not always agree... he particularly disapproved of any hands-on treatments!

But surprisingly, after 2 sessions, he was very happy to sit for 20 min for an acupuncture treatment, which, alongside exercises that his owners did with him at home, allowed him to gradually improve.

Now Buster is fully independent. His gait is still quirky, but he manages very well around the house and can walk up and down stairs.

Bess was presented for reduced mobility and ear shaking. She was a bit depressed and even sometimes refused to eat.


We suspect that Bess has hip and back pain.

Unfortunately Bess also has skin problems which means that giving her pain killers can be difficult and interact with her treatment for her skin.

So she was initially treated with physiotherapy (massage and stretches) and Laser treatments. Then we started acupuncture. Bess symptoms have markedly improved, she is back to being her usual self, running and playing. 

During her treatments, she stays still for 20 min and nearly falls asleep! A truly special cat!

Patch was initially presented to me following a fibrocartilagenous embolism in the spine. It is a little bit like a stroke but in the spinal cord. He was partially paralyzed on both back legs.


With time and a lot of effort and dedication from his owners, Patch recovered and was able to go for long walks again. He always kept a "funny" gait , and his right hind limb stayed weaker. 

Patch had regular physio treatments to keep his mobility at its best, initially every 6 weeks, then every 4 weeks as he grew older and became arthritic as well.

And he went on to live 4 years after this terrible incident! What a strong resilient boy he was... I'll always remember his little tap dance when he demanded a walk!


"Mabel was under Mathilde's care for over 18 months, during which time Mathilde supported both Mabel and us. She is very caring, thorough, hard working and honest.


Unfortunately Mabel was a bit complicated and had a team looking after, Mathilde liaised with everyone and was her advocate, referring to other specialities when required.


Mabel benefited greatly from her regular treatments of laser and manual therapy. Having Mathilde come to our home meant no tensing up on the journey home so she got maximum benefit. Mathilde's dedication in researching how best to help Mabel was a great comfort to us. She always answered our multitude of questions!

We wouldn't hesitate to recommend her. We owe her a debt of gratitude for the care she gave our girl, she kept her as comfortable as she could be until the end and also helped us come to terms with the decision to let her go.


A truly special vet."

Rhi & Deb, Mabel's owners

Charlie was presented to me 6 months ago for left hind limb lameness and reduced mobility. He was on painkillers but this did not work very well for him, and he was only able to go for very short walks. His owners were concerned with his quality of life as he seemed in pain all the time.

We suspect that Charlie has a lumbosacral disease where the sciatic nerve is irritated by a protruding disc in his spine.

We started a course of acupuncture, alongside physio treatments and exercises. He was also prescribed a different type of painkiller that was more suitable for his type of pain.

Now Charlie is back to normal, running freely for up to an hour and has no need for any pain medications. He has a treatment every month to keep him comfortable.

He is back to being a very happy lurcher, alongside his miniature friend Sally, who always supervises the sessions to support him!

physio arthritic dog

We have been clients of Mathilde's for over 2 years with our 2 older labradors one  of whom had significant mobility limitations and pain due to chronic arthritis and the other due to soft tissue damage.

We cannot speak highly enough of Mathilde's fantastic skills and her diagnostic abilities. She always creates a calm animal centred environment and has a lovely way with them, both dogs were always completely relaxed and we have always noticed a significant improvement after treatment.


We cannot thank her enough and firmly believe that both of our much loved dogs have been able to live  longer and more comfortable lives than would otherwise have been possible. 


As a qualified veterinary surgeon she has also been able to diagnose emerging problems quickly and recommend and prescribe changes to their existing medical regimes.


We would have no reservations in recommending Mathilde to you


Cate & Jules, Libby's owners.

I am really pleased with the work Mathilde has done with my dog, Jonah, who has had ongoing back problems for a number of years.

She worked on each sore area problem and as that was resolved, another area showed up as problematic because of the years of compensation. It was like unpeeling an onion.

Through her skills and perseverance, she has made him much more comfortable and given him more zest for life. She also developed a great rapport with Jo and he would rush to see her at our appointments.

I am truly grateful for her expertise and would not hesitate to recommend her.

Jill,  Jonah's owner.

physio agility dog
physio old dog

My springer spaniel Merlin had an arthritic elbow and, at the age of 10, he injured his other elbow. My first opinion vet suggested I should consider his quality of life, which meant I should consider putting him to sleep because of the pain he was in.

We were referred to Langford Veterinary Hospital. A change of medication from the pain clinic there and Mathilde's skill have kept Merlin happy and enjoying life.

He is now 13 and despite a number of other issues last year is still enjoying life with me and his 3 Working Cocker pals.

Mathilde is now treating him at home, and also treating Pippa, who at the age of 7 is still loving her flyball but benefitting from Mathilde's massage and physio skills.

Mathilde is very kind and gentle with her patients, even those a little nervous and fidgety, and I would recommend her to anyone who has either an arthritic dog or an active dog, to keep them in the best possible condition.

Pippa and Merlin's owner

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