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imoove-vet, therapy by ellispheric movement

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Vet & Physio

is proud to present ...

Directly from France

For the first time in the UK...

The new training platform Imoove Vet

For your special pets only!

The technology Imoove Vet uses a patented ellispheric movement which creates an eccentration of the centre of gravity of the body.

Combined with the inclination and rotation of the plateau, this movement mimics the three dimensions of natural articular movement and stimulates isometric (stabilising) contractions of the spinal and appendicular muscles.

The movement is precisely controlled by computer, so that the treatment can be tailored to each stage of rehabilitation : from a gentle and relaxing tone-up for the elderly pet to a roller coaster ride for the dog athlete! 

In simple terms, treatments on the Imoove Vet have multiple benefits:

- improvement of core strength and stability

- improvement of articular range of movement

- improvement of flexibility

- proprioception training and improvement of body awareness

- stimulation of the balance system

Most conditions can benefit from a course of Imoove Vet sessions :  

- post op recovery

- hip dysplasia

- osteoarthritis

- cruciate ligament injury

- weakness/stiffness in elderly pets

- neurological disorders

- and many more ...

There are several advantages over hydrotherapy : 

- may be used from the first day post-op

- no risk of contamination/skin problems

- suitable for weak pets or pets with cardiac/respiratory disease

- reassuring and safe for every pet

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