Veterinary Consultations in 

Rehabilitation,Physiotherapy,  and more... 

Your pet is special...

They deserve the best.

Whether they are old and arthritic, or young and sporty, we can provide specifically tailored therapy to support, maintain, improve performance and quality of life.



  • Being an experienced vet, I can offer you consultations for


           post operative recovery

           old age and mobility problems                       sports related issues

           pain management

           and more...

  • I can also advise on medications or non medical alternatives

A typical consultation lasts between one and one and a half hour, which allows plenty of time to figure out what is troubling your pet.

Please note that a referral letter from your usual vet is required. This is to ensure continuation of care in the best interest of your pet. 


Muddy paws welcome!


When your pet is struggling with an obscure or chronic lameness, why not try a consultation with us?


Poor performance?

Injured during training or competition?

We're here to help!


Arthritis is a common complex disease that affects many pets. We can advise you on diet, home adaptation, exercise programs and more, to help you manage your pet's condition.


Pain can affect pets in many ways, not just because they are old and arthritic. If you are worried your pet may be in pain, we will work together with your usual vet to design a plan to keep you pet happy.


Just been to the vet for a back surgery (disc hernia) or a leg operation (cruciate ligaments) ?

Not sure what to do next?

I am here to guide you and your pet on the road to recovery, step by step...


After the first examination, I will present you with a treatment plan for your pet, which may include : 

- a revised medication plan to discuss with your vet

- a physiotherapy course

- an acupuncture course

- other therapies such as

- or any combination of the above!

Usually, the plan will also involve exercises, as an integral part of rehabilitation. 

For this, I will need your active participation !

But don't worry, we will always try them together, to make sure that both you and your pet are happy with them.

To know more about the treatments, click on the boxes or go the the page "More about treatments"




Many people ask me how I decided to do this job. It is a long story...

First and foremost, I am proud to be a vet.  

In my 15 years of experience (I qualified in 2002), I have worked in various specialised positions with companion animals. I was initially interested in surgery, then focused on critical care, then pain management. From this experience, I have gathered the many skills you need to look after the animal as a whole.  Indeed, veterinary knowledge and skills are essential to rehabilitate an animal. But I believe that complementary therapies such as physiotherapy are also an integral part of that process.

Following on from this, it made sense to do further qualifications, and in 2012, after 3 years of additional study, I passed the Diploma in Animal Physiotherapy.


On arriving in the West Country,  I took the opportunity to build and develop the physiotherapy and rehabilitation service at Langford Vets, which is part of the University of Bristol.


There were many good things about this position. Mainly It gave me the opportunity to work with  specialist vets in various disciplines, such as surgery, neurology and anesthesia/pain management. I have gathered a hands on experience in a variety of complex cases, from post operative treatment after knee surgery to rehabilitation of a paralyzed pet. It is so rewarding to help a dog walk again!

Drawing from this, I have now began working on my own,  to bring veterinary physiotherapy, pain management and rehabilitation closer to you, often at home, where I can deliver more dedicated and personal care.

I want to do the best for your pet, because they deserve it. 





Possibility of home visits in North Somerset, Somerset and south Bristol area

Consultation for

Westfield Vets, Wells, BA5 2HS

Axe Valley Vets

Other veterinary practices

Please email or call for further informations

Tel:  0330 1221 725


Consultations daily in Badgworth, BS26 2QH

(unit 4A, Kirklea Farm)


9:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Monday - Friday


Outside these times, please leave a message and I will contact you as soon as possible.


Vet & Physio Ltd. Company registered in England and Wales. Number 11737001. 2 Granfield Gardens. Langford. BS405JP. 

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